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Gulf Breeze Firearms :: Randall Made Knives Model 7 "Fisherman/Hunter"

  Randall Made Knives Model 7 "Fisherman/Hunter"
Randall Made Knives Model 7 "Fisherman/Hunter"  Randall Knives of Orlando, FL Model 7-4" "Fisherman/Hunter" features a 4 5/8" carbon steel blade of 3/16" stock, nickel silver single hilt, "thin red-medium white-thick blue-medium white-thin red" spacer configuration and 4 1/2" (overall) stag handle w/ a nice patina to it and a "thick red-thin white-thick blue" spacers and Duralumin butt. Knife is factory etched: "C.C. Rhodes" on left side of blade. Knife does not appear to have been sharpened outside of the factory but has probably had blade cleaned up by factory; no pitting or chips in the edge. Knife is in the factory correct Johnson Rough Back sheath w/ Butterfly stitching and pink or salmon colored hone in pouch and smooth buttons and sheath is correctly marked w/ RMK logo and "7 4" on back. Knife and sheath are in consistent condition and very nice. Cool vintage 4" hunting knives are getting harder and harder to come by.
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